Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Up Somewhere In The Air

...Can't connect to what I watched today... 'UP IN THE AIR' for the N-th time... but I find myself relating to it... somehow.

...saved a few lines from the film,

"‎You know... by the time you're 34, all those physical requirements just go out the window... may not understand that now but believe me you will one day...

...and a nice smile... yeah, a nice smile. Nice smile just might do."

...and a while ago, I scolded a prick in a GBT site and said

"I'm gonna be honest...

truth is... most of the time, the 'zup!!!!!' and 'what you up to?????'
on-your-face-hit doesn't impress people.

you're quite a looker already, no need to 'try' to be cool.

and to follow it up with 'what?' (now)... and somehow demanding a total stranger to give you his location... ends whatever interest he might have for you.

that, kiddo is an unsolicited advice from a fairly experienced adult.

now, do better and be nice and intellectually interesting... instead of trying to be 'down'. goodbye"

of course he answered me with

"wow ang gwapo mo tol

fuck you"

before blocking me so that I couldn't respond to that.

...and last, I got a new favorite song, it keeps playing in my mind all day. It's called 'Help Yourself' and here's the link:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Some kid i was chatting with in a GBT site was trying to give me an advice... and I went along since he's really hot. He's 23 by the way.

But he mentioned something that really made me think. You see, you can go to a gallery there and choose from like hundreds and thousands of profiles to flirt with... send pa-cute messages... etc.

Each page has like 20 profiles and in a day there are an average of 15 to 20 pages in the gallery. So, imagine yourself pushing a shopping cart and picking whoever you like.

Anyway... so, this younger guy was telling me that if my intention is to get a quick fix and don't really mind who it is as long as I get laid... hit the ones who are in the most recent numbers... meaning profiles in pages 1 to 3... or 5. Now, if i'm the desperate type who can't book a hook up... go for the last several numbers... meaning... the ones who have been logged in for hours and hours now. He say's these guys are most likely the same 'losers'.

And then he adds, 'now if you really want to get to know guys who are serious or if not, guys who are really picky and got the right to be, go for the ones in the middle pages'.

I thought it was funny and how could he have come up with such theory. But after getting tired of each others' blahs... it made me realize that... put that theory in a more friendly and unprejudiced way... it kind of makes sense.