Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Up Somewhere In The Air

...Can't connect to what I watched today... 'UP IN THE AIR' for the N-th time... but I find myself relating to it... somehow.

...saved a few lines from the film,

"‎You know... by the time you're 34, all those physical requirements just go out the window... may not understand that now but believe me you will one day...

...and a nice smile... yeah, a nice smile. Nice smile just might do."

...and a while ago, I scolded a prick in a GBT site and said

"I'm gonna be honest...

truth is... most of the time, the 'zup!!!!!' and 'what you up to?????'
on-your-face-hit doesn't impress people.

you're quite a looker already, no need to 'try' to be cool.

and to follow it up with 'what?' (now)... and somehow demanding a total stranger to give you his location... ends whatever interest he might have for you.

that, kiddo is an unsolicited advice from a fairly experienced adult.

now, do better and be nice and intellectually interesting... instead of trying to be 'down'. goodbye"

of course he answered me with

"wow ang gwapo mo tol

fuck you"

before blocking me so that I couldn't respond to that.

...and last, I got a new favorite song, it keeps playing in my mind all day. It's called 'Help Yourself' and here's the link:

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