Friday, April 13, 2012

This Season's Fish Harvest

It's quite amusing to me seeing men (both straight and not) have been trying (and still trying) to pump up... quite too hard in the last several months (or weeks)... and to think (and i bet most of them would deny) that the real reasons are just basically everything that has to do with looking competitive in the beach scene market... and of course, the photo ops... for facebook.

Then, after all the works (glutathione, hairstyle ...and coloring too for some, tats and the ├╝ber overalls... and slammin bags and equipment) and you get to talk to them... ang pinaka-importanteng baon (and investment) ang nakalimutan.


Hello? Anyone in there?

The more pathetic are the older ones actually... the younger ones can always have the excuse that they're still too young to develop mature sensibilities and interesting personality.

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