Saturday, December 17, 2011


I was dating this guy once. One day, he said... 'you should start wearing color' and made me realize that I was actually wearing either black, white, gray or any other subdued tones.

I love color. In fact, I love vibrant colored clothes... yellow, red and orange. I love purple and violet. I love prints and never shied away from wearing them even when some ignorant conservatives think I look like a drag.

But instead I told him that if I did, I 'd feel like a cheat... most specially to my self. Because inside that's not what I was... no colors... vibrance, none. In fact, the only thing interesting in my life that time was him.

I bought a shirt a few days after. It has the type of red I usually adore. But every time I was wearing it, I only got reminded that I bought it for him. And after we realized that it wasn't working out between us, the shirt became my slut shirt.

Yes, I too noticed that whenever I wear that shirt, I get attention more than the usual.

Recently, I have officially developed a love-hate affair with that shirt. Today, it reminds me of those suffocating months struggling to live alone again. I seldom wear the shirt now. It already served its purpose.

Weeks ago, I finally realized that I already love wearing color again. I was in the middle of this labor of love project and had no chance of going home. So I bought ukay on my way to a friend's house in Antipolo.

I bought a happy orange colored long sleeved shirt and I matched it with an equally happy light blue toned cotton pants that remind me of nurses' scrubs.

The other night, my neighbor told me that she noticed that I love green. Because my apartment is filled with all sorts of green tones. I never thought I love green that much especially on me. But yeah, I guess green makes me feel relaxed and embraced.

Today, I bought a flesh toned tee and I feel virginal. hahah. I'm officially in love with my colors again!

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