Sunday, September 25, 2011

about last night...

(August 13, 2011, 06:24:47 PM)
When I went back to Iloilo last March and stayed in old comrades' apartment... di na ako maka-relate. Hahahah. Naghahanap agad ang katawan ko ng order and serenity.

So naging mucahocho ako the whole time na nadun ako. Of course they loved it. Na-subdivide ko ang different areas ng bahay nila.

On the issue on casual affairs... well, it's what it is. And we really got to stick to the idea that it's not a micro-relationship so we shouldn't treat it as such.

Pero syempre libog na libog pa rin ako sa mokong! No make that libog na libpg ako sa kanilang magkaybigan kagabi!


Last night nga when I met him and his close friend whom i already have a crush on now in Araneta Center... while waiting for his friend who had his haircut in preparation for an audition today... we got the chance to talk outside the salon while smoking. Ako lang pala because he just got better from fever and colds.

We were back in 'Pillow Pal's' Murphy area community around this time.

Mostly his own turf so i butt in only when its 'relationship expertise time' and I had to give him dozes of reality wake up calls.

Anyway, for a while, there was this super hunk who went walking back and forth just to make a point that he's either inviting a hookup with me or 'ex pillow pal'. But I told 'ex pillow pal' that the guy was eyeing him.

Take away the blond highlights on his jet black straight hair, the guy would've been so perfect. And I like guys with prominent jawline.

But again, in my mind... if I'd be made to choose between 'Ex Pillow Pal' or the gorgeous stranger in tight basketball 'sando', I still would prefer my charming friend. Pero sayang rin nga, hahah... because in reality, case closed na kami ni mokong at nandyan lang at nagpaparamdam ang hunk with blond highlights.

In my mind, on our way to his home much later, I thought to myself... I got to get better at fishing. Because I know that today is another day at sea again, fishing again. Until I catch another pillow that'd be as fluffy and cuddly and comfortable... or even better than the one I had to let go of.

As I write this, I'm here in one of the most populous state universities in the country and the whole universe... P.U.P..

So far... no luck... puro Totoy. but downstairs in the karinderya sa tapat are hunky skinhead brothers na may-ari siguro ng karinderya. And they got thick Cebuano accent. Panalo! Grr... while I was smoking earlier and drinking a coke sakto, the older guy was watching me.

I thought, he might be guessing if I'm a gay guy or a tibak or both. Whatever hell he might have thought of me, what's good about it was at least he was noticing me. I tried to stare back just to see if he'd be uncomfortable or dare to play a staring game. He got shy.

Oh well, I thought. Lame.


Still waiting for the DVDs I need to make copies of. I would've asked 'Ex Pillow Pal' the favor but... it's different now. Maybe we'll be back to normal comfortable mode again when we already start making projects together.

Because I have a documentary in mind. And this will be the first time we'll be doing something that's other than the intimate stuff we used to do.

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