Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Newly-Single Guy's Journal Entry

(July 27, 2011, 03:31:46 PM )
"Last Monday was an utterly odd-awesome day. PNoy's SONA caused such a huge traffic and took me a whole hour just to get out of Sauyo and into Mindanao Ave. No... that's not what WAS awesome.

"But while stuck in traffic, a hot medRep sat beside me at the back of the trike driver. And how naive I have already become of sexual hints after being in an exclusive relationship for a long time that it took me a while to notice that the younger guy who squeezed in beside me... a hunk had been rubbing all possible limbs of his on mine.

"I was busy distracting myself from the horrible traffic by talking to the driver in front of us and even the other motorists we passed by so slowly.

"And perhaps the reason that I noticed was because I felt that he sort of already stopped doing what he was doing. I looked at him in search for what had become different all of the sudden, he didn't look back. But I found his stare on the rearview mirror of the trike driver. He was looking straight at me.

"Instantly, I understood what was going on. In my mind, I even scolded myself for not being able to pick up the signals right away. I just couldn't believe... (and yes, it really doesn't happen much often) that a guy of that caliber would make sexual advances on an average guy like myself.

"I welcomed the advances. And soon enough... he was feeling me right under our bags that we both carry on our laps. Yes, there in public... in broad daylight.

"When we reached the 'talipapa' in Sauyo-Bagbag area, he asked for my number. I didn't really expect to hear from him again though. But we continued what he enjoyed doing to me in an air conditioned bus headed to North-EDSA.

"I didn't allow him to finish me off. It's not me already to be doing such things... and it's never me to get off inside a bus or any other public transport.

"And true enough, after that encounter, I never heard from him again. He must have been pissed off at me for refusing to get off in the backseat corner of that bus.

"I was headed to Trinoma that day. I needed to buy some essentials for the new apartment. And after the errand, I walked my way to the sky garden in SM. I thought I'd treat myself to a warm cup or Figaro coffee in their newly opened shop there.

"But there inside... was the Ex and his bitch. So, before they see me, I turned around and walked away. I couldn't think of another coffee place I want to go to at that moment because my mind says I have to have NO time to accommodate negative emotions.

"So, I quickly decided to go straight home.

"Home? Yeah, I'm still kind of getting myself used to it. The thing still isn't sinking in me yet but I'm working on it... doing my best to make a new home for myself.

"So, on my way back to Sauyo from SM, I was forced to ride an 'ordinary fare' C5-Novaliches-Bayan bus. It was raining hard outside so everybody had to endure the heat and everyone's accumulated smells because we had to shut down all the windows.

"After a while, a young woman... probably aged 23 or 24 got on the bus and decided to sit down beside me.

"Oh, it was hell...

"...and why? Because... her nauseating smell... i was definitely... certainly sure... was that of some guy's fresh cum!

"She probably knew it. Because though there was enough space in our seat for her to relax on her backrest, she preferred to be seated forward. And people around us started noticing the pungent smell. And they all probably knew what the smell was too.

"I was just so glad to finally get off the bus that night. Texting THIS exactly to my other phone helped me take off my mind on the awful fresh cum smell."

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