Sunday, September 25, 2011

friends with the Ex?

I am not so sure about my opinion on becoming friends with an Ex. This is a common topic when some friends check up on your ''recovery''.

Perhaps Exes who were friends before could go back to being friends again. I have friends who were friends again after breaking up.

In my case, I only have one Ex who I became 'OK' with after we broke up. But since we weren't the type who'd stay in touch every so often... we lost touch and when we see each other in a mall or wherever (which is very seldom), it's not the same anymore.

I don't really mind hanging out for a while, have coffee and all but... something in him just isn't comfortable anymore even with just the 'HI's'.

He's actually improved really... like most of them after having a relationship with me... 'Why?'... he's buffed-up and looks really good now, just the right shape for his height. And he's already moved out of their house too. Gone's the long mane he used to love and settled for 'uso' haircuts.

Probably he thinks that we're no longer on the same level. Hahah

He used to be the geeky type. Skinny and tall and techie and OC. That's probably what I liked about him then. He was naive yet wouldn't admit it because he's smart. He was still very new in the 'gay life' world and he liked the daily challenges that we're already normal to me.


So again, Exes as friends... it's something I have yet to discover too. But I doubt if that will ever be possible with this recent Ex... and the other two before him. Yeah.

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