Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boredom Blues

(July 29, 2011, 11:02:46 PM)
Late in the afternoon today, I got back from a sleepover from someone I'm currently very sexually fond of.

But yes, it was just a sleepover. WE had a prior agreement that we'll stick to just cuddling for the meantime.... at least until we can't control ourselves anymore.

Anyway, so... I got home. And by home I mean the cold and empty studio I'm now renting and living in alone.

I was still hungry although we had a very late lunch together in a neighborhood tapsihan in his cubao area. So, I decided to eat two bananas and opened a pack of sunflower seeds.

Yep. Lately I have become fond of eating seeds patiently.


Because they keep me busy. It kills time. They need focus and constant attention, otherwise you're going to crush the seed you so want to retrieve inside and wont be able to eat it.


Anything that keeps my mind off depression is good enough right now.

Any Raket offers for me guys? Hahah

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