Sunday, September 25, 2011

these slutty games

(August 21, 2011, 01:53:31 AM)
I'm getting tired of the hook up games, the standards and stereotyping.

I think I'm too old too soon for these sort of stuff.

In PR, I changed my profile photo yesterday and views were reduced significantly. I changed it again today with one that has my shirt off... and there you go, several views in just a few minutes.

I think guys like me are now are forced to be (or yes, reduced to) sluts... in the world of dating games.


  1. This world is superficial. That's the truth. I have never really given it a thought about what I think of myself, whether I'm a slut or if I'm a prude. I know that I could disagree with myself twice over but I know my ideals and core values won't ever change regardless just to satisfy anyone(or to get more views on PR :P)

    PR I.D. Arby18

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  3. just read your comment and hahah... we don't really need to box ourselves in categories. Even sluts have different reasons for being so. ;)

    anyway... hoping for some views at PR also has more to it than just plain vanity.


    you see, sometimes you tend to think that at a certain age, you already understand sexual politics inside and out... but unexpected things happen and you find yourself with your jaw dropped in disbelief. you then crawl back to the dance hall of the crazy dating games with a bruised ego and a tired heart.

    you realize that you thought you knew these games but the truth is... no one really does. and no one will ever learn. At least that's what i think.

    the games never change, yeah... but it varies. and the next time you're in it... it's most likely not the same as the last one you played.

    so... again, you subject yourself to the things you swore you'd never ever do again. and when pride looks you in the eye with the ugliest mocking smile... you just say 'bitch! outta my way. i'm on a mission.'

    just now... i suddenly hear Enid (Carrie's Vogue Boss) saying "...what are you doing in my waiting pool?"


    you're just 25... why in the world are you ranting my rants... hahahah!